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GIANT Protocol Publishes Litepaper for Decentralized Internet Connectivity Economy

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GIANT Protocol, a leading-edge web3 protocol building a decentralized connectivity economy, today announced the release of its Litepaper, laying out the various components of GIANT Protocol’s ambitious proposal to decentralize and democratize access to the internet and financial services through a web3 telecommunications layer. GIANT plans to roll out the first iteration of its mainnet in the first half of 2022, so the publication of the Litepaper marks a critical step in ensuring GIANT Protocol’s commitment to being an open-source, public protocol built to support a globally connected world.

GIANT Protocol made its debut in November 2021, announcing its intention to build a tokenized bandwidth platform that will allow anyone with a mobile phone to access the internet and earn rewards based on their connectivity. With a founding team well-established in the telecom sector, GIANT Protocol intends to leverage existing network providers, allowing it to rapidly scale its network.

In December 2021, GIANT Protocol announced it had successfully raised $5 million in a seed funding round led by leading blockchain investment firm CoinFund. Now, the project is pleased to build on this progress with the publication of the Litepaper.

The Litepaper was co-authored by Suruchi Gupta, Founder, and CEO of Giant Protocol, along with the GIANT team. Speaking of its publication, Ms. Gupta commented: “The GIANT Litepaper lays out in detail the context and strategy for building a global telecommunications network that can deliver the benefits of web3 to everyone. We want it to convey our ultimate vision for GIANT: to make internet access more than a boring utility, transforming it into an exciting opportunity for better, faster, and more accessible internet access and accompanying financialization potential.”

Along with contextualizing the need for a global decentralized connectivity economy, the Litepaper provides an overview of GIANT’s proposal for its core connectivity infrastructure. It also outlines the GIANT tokenomic model and explains the DAO governance structure that will manage the protocol, including the role of the GIANT Protocol Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the protocol.

Finally, it shows what to expect from the first implementation of the GIANT Protocol – a wallet, a consumer software for end users to interact with GIANT, a provider software for network providers to offer internet access via GIANT, and a validator node software.

GIANT Protocol now invites feedback on the Litepaper from interested stakeholders who wish to be involved in the development and adoption of the GIANT Protocol, whether they’re network owners, developers, or data consumers.

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About GIANT Protocol

GIANT Protocol was founded in 2021 to decentralize and democratize access to the internet and financial services by tokenizing bandwidth. The project partners with telecommunications and connectivity providers across the globe to create a decentralized connectivity economy, allowing anyone with a mobile phone to participate.

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