Euthanasia referendum bid spurs grave disquiet - CEI

Bishops dismayed at petition to make euthanasia legal

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 27 - The Italian Bishops Council (CEI) on Monday voiced dismay at a planned referendum on making euthanasia possible in the Italian judicial system.
    The possible referendum "arouses grave disquiet", said the CEI.
    It also said the wounds of the COVID-19 pandemic were deep and inequalities must be reduced.
    Over one million people have signed a petition calling for a referendum on legalizing euthanasia in Italy, the right-to-die Luca Coscioni association said last week.
    That is more than double the 500,000 signatures needed to be able to present the petition to the supreme court with two weeks to go to the deadline.
    The association said 640,621 signatures were collected on paper at stands around the country while 372,000 were registered online with digital signatures. (ANSA).


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