- 26 nov.- 07:00

Vifor Pharma supports Iron Deficiency Day 2021: Call to action for early iron deficiency diagnosis

Business Wire.
  • Iron Deficiency Day unites a strong international coalition dedicated to raising international awareness on the serious health impact of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia1
  • Patient access to diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency directly affected by COVID-19 pandemic
  • This year, spotlight is on raising awareness on symptoms and importance of early diagnosis
- 25 nov.- 09:00

Il 54% degli europei considerano la loro attuale salute fisica ‘buona’ o ‘molto buona’, secondo un sondaggio sull’impressione che le persone hanno della loro salute dopo quasi due anni dall’inizio della pandemia di COVID-19

Business Wire.
  • “Il sondaggio Merck: l’impressione che gli europei hanno della loro salute due anni dall’inizio della COVID-19” è il titolo dell’analisi d’opinione condotta in 10 paesi europei
  • Quasi un quarto degli europei afferma di avere ridotto il consumo di alcol e droghe e uno su cinque afferma di seguire ora una dieta più salutare
  • Il 45% dei partecipanti al sondaggio valutano la loro salute mentale ‘buona’ o ‘molto buona’
  • Il 51% afferma che la pandemia è stata di ausilio nell’indurli a parlare della loro salute fisica e mentale con i familiari, amici e colleghi
  • Il 26% di tutti gli europei ha sviluppato paura del contatto fisico con altre persone
  • Solo l’8% degli europei ha accantonato piani di avere figli a causa della pandemia
- 25 nov.- 09:00

54% of Europeans Consider Their Current Physical Health to Be Good or Very Good, as Survey Reveals Public Perceptions of Health Following Nearly Two Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Business Wire.
  • “Merck Survey: Europeans' perception of health two years after the start of Covid 19” carried out in 10 countries across Europe
  • Almost a quarter of Europeans say they have reduced their alcohol and drug consumption and one in five say they now eat a healthier diet
  • 45% of respondents rate their mental health as good or very good
  • 51% say the pandemic has helped them talk about physical and mental health with family, friends and colleagues
  • 26% of all Europeans have developed a fear of physical contact with other people
  • Only 8% of Europeans have scrapped their plans for parenthood because of the pandemic
- 25 nov.- 08:00

Alter Domus Strengthens its Competitive Differentiation with Continued Investments in European Operational Excellence

Business Wire.
  • €50 million capital investment includes the expansion of core operations in Ireland, the 2021 launch of operations in Lithuania and an ambitious digital agenda to enhance Alter Domus’ technology stack.
  • In 2021, The acADemy was launched – the learning and development destination for all Alter Domus employees to enhance their technical, professional and leadership skills.

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