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COVID: Admissions up 9.8%, ICUs up 21.7%

Virus circulation rising, govt plan needs says GIMBE

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 21 - COVID-19 hospital admissions are 9.8% up in the last week and admissions to ICUs are a whopping 21.7% up, the GIMBE health foundation said Monday.
    The number of COVID beds occupied in ICUs, from the minimum of 203 on November 10, rose to 247 on November 17; in the general medical area, after the 6,347 on November 11, they rose to 6,981 on November 17.
    GIMBE's report on the week of 11-17 November also detected a 15% increase in new infections (from 181 thousand to 208 thousand) and a decrease in deaths: 533 (-2.9%), of which 23 were down to previous periods.
    "With viral circulation on the rise we expect from the government a plan for the winter," said GIMBE President Nino Cartabellotta.
    As of November 18, Italy had seen administered 4,783,386 fourth doses, with an average of 26,704 per day, down from 30,319 last week (-11.9%) and with a national coverage of 25% (from 11.4% of Calabria to 37.7% of Piedmont).
    The basin for the second booster is 19.1 million people of which 12.6 million can receive it immediately, 1.7 are not eligible immediately because they had their third dose less than 120 days previously and 4.8 million have already received it. There are 6.8 million people over 5 without even one dose of vaccine.


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