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Italy-UK-Japan accord on military super-jet

'Tempest' set to take to the air in 2035,1st post-Brexit project

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 7 - Italy, Britain and Japan are set to sign an accord to build a "sixth-generation" super-jet for defence purposes, replacing the Eurofighter, British media including the Sun and the daily Mail reported Wednesday.
    Rome, London and Tokyo will sign in the next few days an unprecedented agreement for the construction of the supersonic fighter dubbed The Tempest, they said.
    The Tempest is expected to start flying in 2035 - according to the objectives of the agreement, replacing the Eurofighter Typhoon, which was the result of an Italy-UK-Germany-Spain collaboration.
    It is the first time that Tokyo is participating in a Defence project of this level with other Countries other than the US and is the first post-Brexit agreement of this scope for London, the British media said.
    photo: Eurofighter (ANSA).


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