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Govt set to up protection for corporate whistleblowers

Decree incorporating EU norms to be examined by cabinet Friday

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 7 - The government is set to bolster protection for corporate whistleblowers and others who report malpractice and crimes in the workplace.
    The government said Wednesday it was "accelerating" on whistleblowing, with the cabinet on Friday set to discuss a draft decree transposing an EU directive that broadens the range of beneficiaries of whistleblowing protections and extends those protections to all private individuals.
    Under the new decree, anti-graft body ANAC would punish any retaliation on the part of firms, including not only dismissal but also various types of discrimination or damage to reputation on social media.
    Also, fines of up to 50 thousand euro are set to be confirmed, sources said. (ANSA).


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