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Camorra clan decapitated

Leadiers of Naples' Mazzzarella family arrested as flight risks

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 7 - Italian police on Wednesday decapitated a Camorra clan arresting some of the senior leaders of the Neapolitan mafia's Mazzarella family as they were poised to flee abroad.
    The sons of clan supreme chiefs and brothers Vincenzo and Gennaro Mazzarella were taken into custody on a warrant citing flight risk.
    The men, Michele and Ciro Mazzarella, aged 38 and 51 respectively, were stopped along with a third under boss, 38-year-old Salvatore Barile.
    Michele, who played a lesser role compared to his cousin Ciro and to Barile, was arrested at Genoa train station having led Naples. (ANSA).


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