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Priest rapped for saying Mass in cyclist gear

Brescia cleric held service under tree with LGBT scarf

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 21 - An Italian priest has been rapped for celebrating Mass in cyclist's gear during an amateur cycling tour to raise awareness for world peace in Sicily.
    The offending cleric, Don Fabio Corazzina of Fiumicello near Brescia, posted a video of himself leading the service in his cycling kit during the recent tour.
    He celebrated the open air service at Mazara del Vallo under a tree with an LGBT scarf around his neck.
    His bishop Msgr Pierantonio Tremolada called on him to "make penance" for his act and the allegedly contentious sermon he gave.
    Father Corazzina was defended by some parishioners who told local media he had shown worship was possible in all contexts and places, but criticised by others who agreed with the bishop that he had brought the Church into disrespect.
    Another Italian priest, Don Mattia Bernasconi from Milan, recently got into hot water by saying Mass on a li-lo off Crotone in Calabria because it was too hot to celebrate the service on the beach. (ANSA).


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