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Meloni calls for team work but welcomes 'contributions'

Forge national energy system to emerge from crisis stronger - PM

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 2 - Premier Giorgia Meloni on Friday called for team work in the country getting behind the 2023 budget and other issues but at the same time said her government was open to "contributions" from all.
    "Freeing up the best energies of this nation is among the most demanding challenges we have in front of us," she said in a video message to the Guido Carlo Foundation.
    "In order to do this we need the help of all, we need team work.
    "The doors of this government are and will always be open to contributions and proposals that come from the intermediate bodies, from the productive categories, from the economic and productive worlds, from the think tanks, from the cultural institutions and from all those who have the future of this nation at heart".
    Meloni went on to call for a national energy system to allow Italy to emerge from the current energy crisis stronger.
    "I have said it many times, just in relation to the energy crisis, I am convinced of it more and more every day: Italy can come out of this crisis stronger, it can emerge more autonomous than before, but to do so it must have courage, vision, look beyond, imagine a long-term strategy term strategy.
    "I am thinking, for example, of the possibility we have of relaunching our national energy production or that of of making our Mezzogiorno a sort of energy supply hub for the whole of Europe.
    "It would be unforgivable to miss opportunities like these".


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