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Confindustria calls for authoritative new govt ASAP

We can't afford flat tax and early retirement says Bonomi

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 3 - Confindustria President Carlo Bonomi on Monday called for a new government to take power as soon as possible after the centre-right coalition won last month's general election.
    "We hope for the formation of a government in the most rapid time possible," Bonomi told the assembly of the industrial employers' confederation in Varese.
    "We hope for a government with authoritative, competent and irreproachable ministers as soon as possible".
    Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgio Meloni, who looks set to become the next premier after her right-wing party spearheaded the right coalition to victory, is currently holding a series of meetings on the make-up of the new executive.
    Bonomi also said the new government must be realistic about what it can achieve.
    "We cannot afford to contemplate a flat tax and early retirement," Bonomi said.
    "We don't want to deny the parties the right to pursue their electoral promises, but energy and the public finances are two emergency fronts that do not allow folly or the debt and deficit will grow out of control".
    He also called for Europe to adopt a united stance on how to combat soaring energy prices.
    "Europe cannot be united on sanctions and divided on energy, leaving every country to act on its own," he said. (ANSA).


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